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    Name: Chris Oseitutu
    Height: 6 feet 1 |186cm
    Position: Point Guard​​​​
    Weight: 175 lbs | 79 kg


    Mchenry College: Played in 26 games with 25 starts. Averaged15.4 points per game 2.8 rebounds per game and 2.3 assists per game (401 points in total). ISCC All Conference. Shot 34% from 3pt-point range (total of 57 threes made) and 67.3 percent from Ft. Recorded over 31 steals. Game high 33 points vs Waubonsee college on 10-18 shooting and 9-16 from 3pt. Scored 20 or more 7 times. Scored 15 or more points more than 15 times. Team captain and mvp.

    Eastern Wyoming College: Played in 25 games averaging 21.9 minutes per game. Averaged 12 points per game 2 assists per game and 2 rebounds per game. Recorded over 19 steals. Game high 28 points vs Western Nebraska college. Scored in double figures over 17 times while scoring over 25 points twice and over 15 points 6 times. Team captain and sixth man of the year.

    Judson University: Played in 17 games with 14 starts averaging 29.6 minutes per game. Averaging 7.4 points per game, 3 assists per game and 3 rebounds per game. Scored in double figures over 3 times. Scored 8 points and 4 assists vs Valparaiso (NCAA Division 1) and 6 points vs Bradley (NCAA Division 1). Recorded 18 steals and best assist/turnover ratio on the team.

    Strengths: Quick point guard with tremendous handles, and an uncanny ability to score. Possesses a nice crossover and hesitation dribbles to blow by defenders. Puts constant pressure on the opposition by probing and attacking gaps as well as always pushing the ball in transition. Good Change of direction on the break. Capable 3pt shooter with NBA range. Great pick and roll player, attacks switches and turns the corner extremely well to get to the hoop. Completes plays around the basket with a variety of strong finishes. Has a well-developed mid-range game with pull ups going both ways as well as an effective floater. Exceptionally good at getting teammates easy hoops by driving and dishing. Good body strength to go along with great lateral quickness and foot speed makes it hard for opposing guards on the defensive end by pressuring ball handlers.



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