Cus Catania worries Cocus Club Siracusa

    Despite the defeat, Cus Catania came out with an amazing performance against the favourite team, Cocus Club Siracusa that scored ten points more and leaded the team to another win.
    The final score, 51-61, honoured the visitors and they keep their third position in the top end of the league. During the third period, Cocus Club Siracusa seemed to slow down allowing Cus Catania to regain a lead of 16points (21 – 37 at the end of the first period). At the beginning of the third quarter of the game the score sees Cocus Club Siracus 10 points over of the Cus Catania (40-49 scored by Abramo) with a third part-time score of 21 – 13.
    Guadalupi decides to line up the young player Vasta that overall has given his worth realising a three points shot and two assists. Despite to Lo Faro’s came back to the court (after his stop due to an injury to the thigh) the handling of the game has been entrusted to the experience of Abramo, Caltabiano and Russo.
    Siracusa’s ability has been seen especially in the paint thanks to the amount of rebounds and points collected by Agosta and Vujicevic ( instead of Catania that has got different issues due to an unsportsmanlike foul, the fifth Bonaccorsi’s foul and the absence of Gigi Russo). Thanks to good practices and plays and to the good three points shot percentages, Cocus Club ends the game quitting the last play.
    Santino DiTrapano top scorer of the game with his 21 points.

    Cus Catania – Cocus ClubSiracusa 51- 61

    Cocous Club Siracusa: Ditrapano 21, Bonaiuto 7, Bellofiore 11, Carbone C. 2, Vujicevic 13, Agosta 7. All.: Marletta

    Quarters: 8 -20, 21 – 37, 38 – 49


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